Benefits of Blogging and Why You Should Start Blogging Too

Friends of Mine ask from me that Why They Should Start a Blog? or Why they Should Just start Blogging Anyways? Usually it becomes much Time Consuming for me to Explain them, So I thought to Write a Blog Post for them so that I could give them the link of My own Blog Post on this topic Instead of Explaining them and Wasting my time.

Why You Should Start Blogging:

Benefits of Blogging and Why You Should Start Blogging Too

If You Think that Blogging World is Only for the Web developers, Tech Geeks or Blogs are Just Diaries then You are Wrong, Yes It’s not the Truth. Truth is Something Else, Because thousands of People are using Blogs for thousands of Purposes, I am going to Explain Few of them which are Quite Useful.

1. Blogging Helps to Spread Your Voice:

I Know You are Going to say that there are Social networking sites for that Purpose but Believe me that Having a Blog Helps You More to Spread Your Own Voice to other People. Social media is Good for Spreading Your Voice but Having Your Own Blogs Simply Give You More Power to Spread Your Voice, Having a Custom URL for Your Blog, Which cannot be Done using Social Media.

2. Sharing Resources With Colleagues:

If You want to Share the Assignment You Prepared today with Your friends and want to help others too with that work of Yours, Your Blog is going to help you and Others Searching for that too. You Can Share Useful Resources You found somewhere. You can Also Share something valuable to others Using your Blog. Believe me or Not but it is a Great Tool for Students.

3. Blogging for Business:

If You are an Online Business Owner, Let me Ask You a Question. How do You Motivate Your Customers and Targeted People to Visit Your Static, One Paged Website? Here Having a Blog Helps, You Should Start a Blog to Motivate the Readers to visit Your Business website and Learn more about Your Business.

You can Produce Compelling Content related to Your Business and Publish it on Your Blog to Capture More and More Leads and Convert Your Readers to Loyal Customers. Moreover, You can Talk about More casual Topics other than Press Release, About which You can’t talk on Your “Products” Page. Also You can Use Your Business Blog to Convey any kind of Message or Announcements to Your Customers or Readers.

4. Explore & Gain More knowledge in Specific Field:

When a Person Interested in a Field start Blogging, He Usually do a lot of research online and Offline for writing on a specific topic in that field. So That He could be able to Share the Best knowledge about that specific Topic. Also While Doing research about that topic He gets a chance to Dive more deeper to that field by gaining more and more knowledge and Also He Become aware about each and Every Latest News of that Field. You Should Start Blogging if You are Related to a Filed of Interested to Explore a Specific Field Further.

5. Making Your Place in Online World:

Lot of People Start Blogging Because they want to Make their Place in Online World, They want People to know more about them. Some People try to make their Political Position More strong by Directly Sharing His/Her Views to the People. Some People want to Spread Awareness about specific Topics, You can Start Blogging too if You want to make Place in Online World.

6. Make Money Online:

Only few Thousand People in the World Know that they can make money online by starting a Blog and Hitting Blogging Field. If You Don’t know that Blogging is a Great Way to make money online, You are missing something. Give a Try to Blogging because Many People in Blogging Field have left their 9-5 Jobs Due to Blogging Because they were making More than Six Figured income through Their Blogs.

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