10 Tips to Get Adsense Account Approved for Your Blog or Website

Getting Google Adsense approval for Blog or Website is a Big Headache for people these days because Google now have changed its Policies for Asian Countries to more strict ones Because People started Fraudulent activities to earn money using Google Adsense Accounts.

I live in Asia, too, and Faced lots of difficulties to get my Adsense account approved for my very first website. But After Understanding the system of Google Adsense it’s not much difficult for me to get Google Adsense Approval for my Websites.

10 Tips to Get Adsense Account Approved for Your Blog or Website

I thought to Share the legitimate way to get Google Adsense Approved on Your Blog or website. It’s Very easy, Bloggers just have to Understand that one cannot get away after doing any kind of Fraudulent activity with Google Adsense Because they have Much Smarter Algorithm to Track all fake clicks.

People use many Illegal tricks to get Approval from Google Adsense but at the end they lose money and account too. I am going to Share 10 Tips for Getting Approval from Google Adsense. The Method I am going to share is Totally Legal and Working as I have tested it many times.

These are 10 Things You Need to implement on your Website. Actually You need to Modify your Website or Blog According to the TOS of Google Adsense and here are all of those things you need to do to get your Approval from Adsense for your website.

Getting Google Adsense account approved on your Blog:

1. Genuine and Quality Content:

Produce Quality Content - Getting your Website approved by Google Adsense

First Thing first, You need a Quality Website and for that you need Genuine and Quality Content, Whether Textual Content, Images or Videos. Don’t Use Pirated content, don’t embed Videos on your website or Blog, you can Only Embed videos if necessary, few times in your posts, but if you will make a Video site and Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo etc than you are going to be in BIG Problem because according to Google Adsense TOS they do not accept sites with embedded or simply – copied videos.

If you want to make a Website for Sharing Pictures, like some Humor sites than Better don’t go for Adsense. The Logic behind this Point is that Google Adsense needs Quality Content (Preferably in Text) so that their system could detect the keywords of web pages and provide highly related advertisement for better earnings and conversions.


Mostly picture websites do not have text content or we call the content of these kind of websites as Thin Content. If you want to apply for such websites (Picture humor Sites), here are few tips which can help you:

  • Use Keyword Rich Alt Tags in Pictures.
  • Use Highly Related Captions for Images and try to use more text in them.
  • Write At least 50-100 Words text content with each picture to tell the Bots that the Site contains Text Content, note that Content should be unique and not copy Pasted.

If you are Applying for a Blog where you share Text Content like Articles, Tutorials and Guides than Better Write and Publish at least 15-20 Quality Articles before applying for Adsense, Make Sure that those articles are Indexed in Google and other search Engines properly, Use proper Images with Alt Text in posts for better Visibility.

2. Google Analytics and Webmaster Accounts:

Your site should be having Quality Content indexed in search engines, Google Preferably. So make sure to create Google Webmaster Tools and Submit Your website to Webmaster tools and Make a Proper Sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tools and Make sure that you are having Enough Content Indexed before Applying for Google Adsense.

For Tracking the traffic of your Blog and source of that traffic you need to create a Google analytics account, so sign up for one using your Gmail account.

3. Proper Navigation:

Proper navigation of a Website - Getting Adsense Approval for website or Blog

Google loves user-friendly websites. Your Website should be easy to Navigate, Proper Categories, Menus, etc. The better they look and work more is the Chance to get Adsense approved for your Site.

Think this way…

You visit a site and see poor or even NO Navigation, would you ever visit that site again?



Try to Create Menus, in 70% cases I observed that you should have at least 1 Menu to add the top priority pages of your site which you think that people will want to look for. This way you can put About page, or contact page there, or if you are privacy conscious, you can put Privacy Policy page in that menu to show to the visitors how you protect their privacy.

4. About Us, Contact Us Pages:

You own a Website and don’t have an About Us, Privacy Policy and Contact us page? Well, That’s rude, to your visitors and to yourself too. You should have a Contact Us Page so that people could Contact you for any specific reason, like reporting some problem in your website, or offering you Direct advertisement for your site, got it?

Making an About us page and Privacy Policy is a Must thing to get your Google Adsense application Approved. Write at least 300-350 words about yourself or your company, or at least about the goals of Your website or blog (whatever it is). Create a privacy policy page to tell your Visitors that how much you care about their Privacy, how you use cookies on your website and for what purpose you use those cookies (Advertising or Analytics), tell them you care about their Privacy and will never misuse it.

There are dozens of websites to create Content for your Website’s Privacy Policy (obviously Spunned) page but I don’t think that you should Compromise your website’s Image for just 500 Words. Write it Yourself, it will hardly take 20-30 Minutes to write an Awesome Privacy Policy Page for your Website, just check out some websites and their Privacy policy Pages to get an idea how your Website’s Privacy Policy page should look like and Write your own Master-Piece.

5. Proper Footer and Header:

You own a proper Well Functioning website right? Create a Footer and add few widgets to it, Write a Bit about your site in footer and link TOP pages of your websites in footer, like About Us, Contact Us, etc. Proper Header like Company’s Logo, Search bar, Menus etc should be covering Header to make your Website Look better.

6. Remove Ads of other Companies:

This is the Most Important thing you have to do to your website right Before Applying for Google Adsense. If you don’t have Google Adsense on your website than you might be using some other Advertisement for generating revenue for your website, maybe Bidvertiser or Infolinks, just remove all advertisements from your website before applying for Google Adsense.

7. Optimize your Website:

Google Likes Fast loading Websites, site that loads quickly are the sites Google Love. Google also loves Mobile Friendly websites to show advertisements to Mobile Audience. Optimize Your Website for faster loading and Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

8. User Friendly Website:

All the points I explained above are Focusing on Creating a user-friendly website, Obviously Google loves User-friendly websites that’s why they have included all that in their TOS. Observe other websites and try to judge your own website, is it looking all good? Will it Work Better? Will User love Your Site? You will get your Answer.

Well when I have Covered all on page factors, here are other factors you should keep in mind while Applying for Adsense.

9. Provide Proper Information (While Applying):

While Applying for Google Adsense, Filling the form, keep these things in Mind for getting your Application approved. Make sure the person whose payee name you are entering in the form is having a National Identity card as it is the same person who would be able to receive money only (I guess now you can change it), your Main focus should be Providing perfect Information in the form.

Now this Point affects a lot on overall image of your website and Application, Try to enter Address which is easy, Like starting with House number, Street Address, Block, Area, Postal Code, City, etc. If you don’t have proper Address you can Apply from your friend’s address. Be sure to fill right Address because it’s the address where they will send you verification PIN via mail.

10. Branded Email Address:

While Applying Make sure to enter your Branded email address, just like name@yoursite.com. It increases the chance of getting your application approved by Google Adsense. Some people try without it and get success but they own the Most Perfect websites and Blogs, if you own one of the BEST, go and try it.

Extra TIP:

Remove Any kind of visible Traffic counter from your website, remove any kind of back-links you are giving to other websites (bad ones) this will reduce the risk for getting rejected. If your application gets rejected than don’t panic, add some more Awesome Content and apply after at least 2 weeks. Good Luck from my side for getting Adsense Approved for your Website, If you get into any problem or want to ask anything you are not able to understand, Just feel free to throw a Comment, I’ll try my best to solve your Problem.

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  1. Hello Hamid, Your Author bio is really cool, it forced me to visit your “About Us” Page, Love to hear that you started this awesome blog in 2013 for a very kind reason, and that is “helping newbie bloggers”.

    Anyway I enjoyed your tips and i summarized it for my self, kindly take a look, if anything is left please let me know.

    ” In order to approve your website for adsense you need to work on quality of the content and submit your site to “webmastertool, “.

    – Use Google Analytics and proper navigation for your website.
    – Use a Disclaimer and provide a privacy policy and About us pages in your website or blog.
    – Adding information of your company, create header and footer.
    – Dont use too much images and videos.
    – Create a user friendly easy to navigate website.
    – Using Domain email or branded email.

    Karan Rawat

  2. Hello Hamid, I’m impressed by reading ur artcile.
    Pls help me out in getting adsense. I applied for adsense and it got rejected
    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

    Copyrighted material

    Please just have a look at my website i.e., boxofficeoutlook.com and please suggest me what 2 modify n all….:) please..:)

    • Bro all of your site’s Content is copyrighted, piracy at its peak and you are expecting Google Adsense team to approve your site? Sorry to say but it will never happen as their rules are too strict.

      • bro…i deleted all the copyrighted content n modified my site…again i resubmitted for adsense with 7 articles …i got this reply frm dem..
        We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


        Insufficient content
        so, If i add many articles n again if i resubmit to them wil they accept ? pls jus hav a look at my site again n reply me bro…..thanks in advance 🙂

        • You need to Post Quality Content now, Try to post at least 1 detailed article about news, views etc in your niche, after 10-20 days, try it again, hope you will get inside this time.
          and Make sure to post your own Quality content

  3. Hlo Hamid,your blog is really good.
    I want you to ask that how old should my website be to apply for Google adsense and what content should I include in our privacy policy page..

    • Bro there is no specific limit for age, you can even apply after one month, just make sure to have at least 15-20 Quality Content rich articles on your Blog and make sure they are Indexed in Google, you can check other blog’s Privacy policy pages, mostly you tell your readers that how you use cookies and for what purpose and you will never misuse them and not give their information to any other person or organization.

      • Thanks Hamid for ur reply..
        N cn u please tell me that how to index my articles at Google? Or what is the agenda of indexing my articles in google..

        • Your articles will never be ranked if they are not in Google’s index, you can ensure that they are indexed by using this syntax “site:yoursite.com/post” in Google without quotes.
          Also you can get them indexed by sharing them on social bookmarking sites, fetching them by Google using Google webmaster tools.

  4. thanks for post dude,really i enjoyed your post,may i know that free blogger blog or self hosted blog which one is best for applying for adsense

  5. Oh thanks friend,currently i am using free blogger and tried for adsense and i am not approved,my blog is more than oneyear old,and domain name is 7month old,any solution to get approved in adsense

  6. Hlo dear..
    I wanted to know that can I place songs and wallpapers on my website before applying for adsense..

  7. Ok brother
    Bt hw will google come to know weather I am having the copyrights or not..

    And one more thing.
    Can u please tell me that in which format Google giveads..
    Wheather link or any kind of code..

    • They have Quite Advanced Algorithm to know if the content you are using is used somewhere else or not.
      Secondly yes, Google adsense provide you javascript Code, Not any kind of links

      • Okk bro thanks a lot..
        N I am giving you the link of my website..presently testing is goin on of my website..
        but can u please check ma website and tell me whether my website will be approved or not??
        It I’ll be very helpful for me..

  8. Bro I started uploading data data today..
    U cn check it nw I have uploaded a bit of data for testing..
    Please check it out again..
    N also written content will be there on my website..

  9. That’s really well summed up post Hamid, but looks like despite doing all of the above i still couldn’t get through the Adsense Approval, the reply i got from the Adsense team is: Site does not comply with Google policies. You can check out my website at : http://www.articpost.com, would appreciate if you let me know what am i missing. Thanks for the wonderful post btw.

    • Sorry, I checked the website and there seems NO reason why they are not approving your website.
      Here are few suggestions:
      -Try to write More Quality content.
      -Try to Do some keyword research about what you are going to write tomorrow and write about stuff people are “Actually” Searching.
      -Try to install some good theme, Start from free themes of mythemeshop.com.
      -Dont apply again until you write at least 15 more unique articles with quality content.
      -Dont apply for next 3 months, Focus on adding value to readers, write awesome content and wait for 1-2 months and apply after that.
      Hope that it resolves your problem.

  10. Hello Hamid
    I have a blog and want to add google adsense to it. My question is am i eligible to do that without having a website? Please help me what should i do without spending any money?

    • If you are having Enough quality Content which is getting traffic from Search Engine (Google) then why not to buy a TLD for it and transfer it to that TLD?
      You can do it Without spending money but let me clear it to you, when you spend money, the chance of your Earnings is Increased by 80%, so try spending some money and it will help you in future.

  11. Hello Hamid, I’m impressed by reading ur artcile.
    Pls help me out in getting adsense. I applied for adsense and it got rejected
    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


    Site does not comply with Google policies

    • There are many reasons why Google Adsense is not accepting you to their Program, let me explain them to you one by one.
      1: Your Site do not have a TLD (Highly possibility of this Reason)
      2. You are Having Copied Content or the content you are posting is posted on other blogs too.
      3. Poor Blog Design.
      4. Look at your Homepage you’ll get your Answer.
      Hope it helps

    • This website will not get approved for adsense because it is not having enough content and images you are using are used on many other sites too, site Design also matters.

  12. Hi dear
    I love to read your article because you always comeback with something new and today this article to much help full to approve my google adsense. Thanks for share with with us

  13. Hi Hamid , how u doing brother . Hamid i started my blog about 9 months ago still have’nt got my ad sense approved , am confused , i did read all of your suggestions mentioned above , pretty helpful , thanx . A request to u is to pls have a look at my blog once and , suggest if any corrections needed .

    • Hi, if the blog you mentioned in URL section of your comment is your blog than I am sorry to say Google will never approve it, there are many reasons for that and I am going to mention few of them:
      – The design of your Blog.
      – The content in your Posts is Very THIN.
      – Your blog is not on a TLD.
      Hope it helps

  14. Hi I got my application approved today.I created my website figurable.com just a month ago and got approved.Too its not that good looking.Why is it so that i got my site approved this early?

  15. hey hi..

    my name is Kendrick Garcia and I am from the Philippines, i do want to ask you do i really need to index my blog to Google? and to wait for months before i could submit my blog to adsense?.

    thank you for your advice.

    • If you want to get traffic from natural source (Search Engine) which is Google obviously, than you need to get it indexed in Google.
      Google Adsense is separate thing by Google, its is their Advertising program where you submit an application for your website and they decide if they are going to roll you to that Program or not, Yes you need your website indexed in Google.

  16. Thank you for your tips.
    I can not active adsense over ten times. Last time, my friend told me, sign in with new domain and i got approved!

    • Sometimes you apply many times using same domain in very short period of time that Google Adsense Blacklists your Domain, after that whenever you apply using that Domain their system rejects you automatically, Happened with me lot of times in start 😉

      • hello, i just want that could you please have a look at my site, i have applied but got rejected , could you please suggest some thing, have almost good design, please have alook and let me know your remarks , thanks

        • I am not sure which part of your website is not acceptable to adsense but I have seen your website and looks you got pretty thin content, mostly you have quoted Code, try Improving your site’s design by applying a good theme and Improving Quality of the Content on your website.

        • It can take upto 15-20 days till they review your website, here are few tips you can follow for better results while they are reviewing your website:
          -Make your Activities on your Blog Normal as you used to do (Publishing and commenting).
          -Try to Publish Blog Posts regularly, at least 1 after every 2 days ( make sure they contain 400+ words Each).
          -Try to use social media as much as you can to optimize Your Social media profiles and your content shared on social media.

  17. Dear sir
    I have my own blog.
    I have try many time to Google adsense approval but all time its rejected. Pls give me some tips for approval.
    My blog

    • 1. You don’t have Quality content on your blog.
      2. Consider Buying a Top level domain and Start writing about real stuff.
      3. try some other niche for blogging.
      Hope it helps

      • thanx for the reply…..i am a New blogger and want to just write articles in it….will apply for adsense later…..can u plz tell me from where can i get free photos that i can use so adsense wouldn’t have any problem with that….?

        • Usually I type Keywords in google and find images related to it, after that I edit it using photoshop according to my needs and use it. You can try Free stock image sites if you are not easy with google images.

  18. can i use screenshots of websites etc in my blog or that will be in some kind of copyright or against adsense policy…?

  19. adsense is saying insufficient content but I have more than 110 posts which are more longer than 500 words each. and 42 pages more than 60000 words each. will you please tell me the reason

  20. Hi Hamid, Your Tips are very much impressive. I started a blog, I can build it following google policies but I want to know whether my content and design will be acceptable to the google adsense. Can I use yahoo based domain name for my blog? Please give suggestions. Thanking you.

    • I never tried that but I think it doesn’t matter whether you are having yahoo based domain or domain bought from namecheap or godaddy, content and blog’s Quality Matters.

  21. Thanks Hamid for all your tips i almost have all of this tips on my blog but still got rejected for the sixth time. I used my custom e-mail to apply in the last time but still get rejected saying site does not comply with adsense policy. Plz my blog is http://myhealth4beauty.com

  22. Hello Hamid,

    Thanks for this precious article on Adsense Approval. I’m planning to apply for adsense approval, could you please help me by suggesting any modifications/changes needed on my website to get approved by the google. My website is:

  23. Bro, to start a blog on wordpress.org I want the 99$ per year plan. But it shows there should be some mentinence cost approximate 250$ per year which I can’t afford. So is that mentinance cost is necessary for my blog?

  24. Hello sir, you are a great man indeed. You love your audience and I’m highly elated for all the responses given.

    I applied for AdSense but was rejected like twice but I have gone through the first stage before rejection. I have my publisher and client ID. Now I want to start a sports website where I will get the news, rewrite them and publish. After I start this and get all webmastering and indexing done, how likely will I be approved and when do you advise I re-apply for Google AdSense.

    Also I plan using a friends AdSense codes and generate revenue before I apply, do u advise I do that and then remove the add codes before I apply (will Google not detect that I have once used AdSense of another publisher) or is it safe? THANKS

    • Never use the Adsense code of your friend’s Account if you are doing something which is against Google’s TOS.
      You can go with it, like if you are publishing unique content (rewriting properly, or taking the idea from other’s posts and writing them in your own words), and Writing enough content in each post like 400-500 words each.
      If you aere doing it in right way and still Google adsense is not approving you, you can try your friend’s Account.

  25. Hi,
    I m a beginner to Blogging World. i applied my blog to Ad sense with 18 posts and got rejected due to following reasons :
    Site does not comply with Google policies

    please help me out with this problem.
    Please visit my blog and suggest me your valuable suggestions on my blog.
    Thanks in advance.

  26. Hi! I like your post as it has very rare information. Dear can you please tell me why my site on blogger (www.peopleandpublic.in ) disapproved by AdSense.

    I shall appreciate for that

  27. Dear Hamid,

    Here i am requesting you to check my website http://www.jobinfosolutions.com. i run this site commercially and our site have real visitor from various location. i tried two time for ad sense and both time it got rejected. Daily my team is updating the website content. we didn’t copy the content from any where. we are having our own content writer. please check the website and let me know where to improve to get approval for google ad sense.


    • I dont think that they will approve it on main site, try using url yoursite.com/blog instead of yoursite.com while applying. Also you are not even having unique content on your blog.

  28. I can follow the terms of google. But I want to know whether my content and design are acceptable by Google Adsense. Please let me know about it Thank You.

  29. helo bro
    just a today adsense rejected my blog so what is yhe reason of it can u plz me suggedtion…here u get the look at my blog…
    and tell can i get adsense approval..

  30. Hey, your article might help me, since i am new to blogging my adsense account got rejected with page type error.
    I have heard a lot that google generally does not approve accounts for blogger users that easily ….. why is that so…..??? Won’t it reduce google’s potential earnings…??? plz help

    Read more: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/how-to-get-your-adsense-account-approved-for-blogspot-with-little-trick.html#ixzz39W95q6S1
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives

  31. hi bro
    i also rejected 3 times already, i have 20+ original contents, some says even 200-300 words per post/page is enough already just make sure it was written by you, they only have 20 contents and get approved.

    question is, is it necessary to have that Privacy Policy? because some don’t have that but they get approved, so weird.

    by the way bro, my niche is about music, i just wrote how an artists began on music industry, and i have FM stations streaming online for my country men can listen to, my prospect here is the MP3s that i put on the playlist for every artist as sample songs from them.

    another question, is it ok to put youtube videos just for an example of an artist, i just get it from other publishers but i wrote the contents on every videos on my own.

    • Hi,
      Content is really important but it isn’t everything. Since you mentioned that you’re running a music blog, there’s a good amount of chance that you may have used some pirated things unintentionally. Sometimes using Youtube videos on your site can’t be a good ideas because license of rights varies from one video other. Make sure that you aren’t using any pirated stuff on your site.

  32. I have an old blog about mehndi designs (mehndidesignscollection.com) and has 100+ Posts containing genuine and quality text content with images, site is well designed, easy to navigate, receiving decent traffic. And Google Says “Site does not comply with Adsense Policies”. What should i do?
    Thanks for the help.

    • bro First thing, Site containing images only is not enough to get Adsense account, Please try to optimize images with alt tag, title tag and Little bit of description in each post, after that try your luck again.

  33. Hello Hamid,
    Nice article your wrote.
    I had applied for Goggle Adsense but got rejected. Can you please have a look at our website: bhopalrealty.com

    Please let me know your feedback.

    Thanks in advance.
    Anurag Mishra

  34. Hey,

    I have read a few articles that recommend monetizing tumblr. I run a tumblr blog and would like to monetize it and nothing else.

    So, when I try creating an Adsense account, it asks me for the primary website where I would have the Ad code and when I enter tumblr page link, it just gives me an error saying that “URL must not have a path (example.com/path) or subdomain (subdomain.example.com).”

    Not sure how people without a website/Youtube channel get an Adsense account?

    Any inputs?

  35. Hamid Bro
    On my blog when I go on earning section there the sign up for adsense in disabled and I cant click that
    can you help me and

    A blog named mast-funzone.blogspot.com is using embeded videos, the entire blog has only embeded videos and that is approved by adsense how?? and can i creat a blog fully containing videos??

    • It is highly possible that it is using hosted Adsense account or Google Adsense team hadn’t reviewed the blog manually.
      If you are just Embedding videos, i will not recommend applying for adsense account.

  36. Nice tips and great blog. You’re right blogging is really like a game. I tried to play this game. This is really so hard to play. I have no branded email address. I tried to get one using Google apps but unfortunately they removed free edition. So i am now disappointed about it. Will they don’t approve application if we have no branded email?

  37. This is a really timely post for adsense approval considering it was posted only last April this year. Will follow this to finally get my adsense approved 🙂 Thanks a lot for this very helpful article. Wish me the best! Cheers from the Philippines brother!

  38. I have ad sense account via you tube, I submitted many time by me. ad sense tells your site doesn’t comply with our policy. So how to add my site with ad sense. please help me. how to add blog sites
    tell me.

  39. hi hamid.. i have adsence account and my ads run on youtube but my ads not showing on my blogs.. why??
    plz help me…

  40. Hello brother, this is my blog,
    why disapprove my adsense account. please give me solution.

  41. Hi there,
    Nice article , I’m facing problem . google adsense rejected my application because of insufficient content ,please help me. My website is cubequick.in

  42. Does Google have a problem with using profane words on a website? I applied once and got rejected with their rejection message saying there is inappropriate content on my website. Could it be the profane words?

  43. Thanks bro for such valuable info. Do you think i should apply for google adsense or not? if not what are your suggestions.


  44. Great resource about Google Adsense, I’m going to follow your guidelines to get approved Google adsense account for my blog.

  45. i have adsense account at another website can i use ads on googleestuff.com.
    because google didn’t approve adsense in this site may be the reason is i was using the google trademark into my domain.
    so can i use adsense ads on this website.

  46. This is a great tip for aspiring blogger that want a Google adsense on their site. I am sure this is working for everyone coz I did this one too.

  47. Hi Hamid, I appreciate how you make out time to answer every question and visit individual site. You are so cool. Pls help me assess my site for adsense. I shall apprecite your early response as i intend applying today or tomorrow.
    I appreciate you bro.


      • Thanks for getting back to me, you are a star. That’s what adsense told me yesterday too. Is there any advice for me on how to fix it? I don’t have money to call in a developer. Thanks a lot Hamid.

          • Oh, I replied to earlier comment and now saw this one.
            I saw your posts, your site’s navigation is great, but you have way too many latest posts displayed on your homepage, I’ll suggest to reduce em to 8-10 latest posts on homepage, otherwise your lists posts are good having good content, but most of your News posts are having like too thin content, I think it is good to apply for adsense anyways, try your luck and keep me posted.
            If they deny your request, don’t be disheartened, they do it sometimes, Check out the reason why the denied your request, do work on your site and try to improve that aspect of your blog for 1-2 weeks or at least a month and apply again.
            Hope that helps 🙂

          • Hi Hamid, thanks a lot for your help. Yes my adsense account has been approved. Now, I have imputed the code and I have to wait for full activation. Please, how long does the full activation take?
            Again, are you a Facebook Ads expert too? Somebody needs serious help.

            Thank you very much bro

          • First, No i am not a fb ad expert, second, it takes little bit of time like, it could take 1 day or 2-3 weeks too, anyways, keep updating your blog regularly and working as you did earlier.
            Good to hear they approved you initially 🙂

        • Brother you should change your hosting, I am assuming that you have a crappy host or a crappy shared hosting where other websites are consuming all of database resources and its database server is down, and wordpress is unable to connect to the database that is why it is giving this error.
          Hope it helps 🙂

          • Hi brother, I got fully approved eventually. Thanks a lot for your help. Thank you so much. Please, the adsense is capturing just 20% of my pageviews daily. right now, I’m on 5,600 pageviews, adsense is recording 1,081 pageviews for me. Please is this normal? Is that why my earnings have been crappy? What can I do to fix it?
            Thanks Hamid.

          • I am happy for you, Seriously I Do. Brother, pageviews in google analytics and adsense vary, there are many different factors why they vary but they are different, try to optimioze the ad placement on your Blog to get better Click-through-rate (CTR). Hopefully you’ll get better clicks and better earnings.
            Hope it helps.

          • Hey bro, as usual, thanks so much for your assistance. I had this pop up on my site, but it was displaying adsense ad as well. Is it against adsense policy? Do you have any idea how I can remove the ads from the pop up, because I need the pop up for my list building. I disabled the pop up though.
            Thank you Hamid

          • If you have a popup for collecting emails, that totally OK with adsense policies, but don’t try to embed adsense ad in it, its against TOS, you know. You must have installed any kind of plugin for that ad to appear in pop-up.

    • Brother I looked at your blog and I am not sure, WHY? Because you go too thin content on your site. Try to provide more details or at least try to write on More detailed topics.
      Hope it helps

    • I don’t mean Duplicate content, I mean your articles don’t have much quantity of content, Thin Content Means “Content with small or no Added value to reader”.
      Hope it helps

  48. I am a new blogger pl tell me, how many posts for acceptance Adsense and blog visiting per day thanks for reply.

  49. Hi,

    It is wonderful information. Admin Helping to every one and giving reply with patience.

    I applied Google Absence. But Google rejected my application already my website completed 6 months old website with around 1000+ page views and 400-500 visitors. . But still not getting approval. Can you guide on this matter?

    My website URL is http://www.tsemployees.com
    Please help me on below errors how to i solve thats please

    AdSense upgrade request has been denied Message :


    Site does not comply with Google policies: We’re unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines. It’s our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria.

    Here are some recommendations to help you improve the user experience on your site and comply with AdSense criteria:

    It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.
    Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.
    Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.

    • Review the quality of your content and also make sure you don’t have any duplicate content on your website.

  50. Hiii,
    I am a fresher in this field, I have apply for an adsense six times every time same mail is coming out ,,, am forwarding the content of the mail…….

    Make sure that your pages have sufficient text – websites that contain mostly images, videos or Flash animations will not be approved.
    Your content should contain complete sentences and paragraphs, not only headlines.
    Ensure that your website is fully built and launched before you apply for AdSense – do not apply while your site’s still in a beta or “under construction” phase or only consists of a website template.
    Place the ad code on a live page of your website. It does not have to be the main page, but test pages that are empty except for the AdSense ad code will not be approved.
    Provide a clear navigation system for your visitors so that they can easily find all of the sections and pages of your website.
    If you’d like to monetize YouTube videos, please apply for the YouTube monetization program. Note that blogs and websites that contain only videos will not be approved.

    My website name is *************……..plzzz take a review

    • Brother please read my post again, most of excuses by adsense team are what i’ve explained in my post.

  51. hi bro please visit my blog i want apply to adsense please check it and tell me

    is there any remarks on my blog


  52. I am very hopeless because my CPC rate is very low. I get Google adsense 6 months ago. I can not understand what I will do.

  53. Good day sir, thank u for publishing this post. Please between individual and business account which is the best to use to apply for adsense as a blogger..
    Thank u

  54. I have seen many websites that are not written in quality content but add also on this website, what is quality content for Adsense.

    • Relevant, Precise and to the point, which helps your readers when they read it. And your blog/website too, to get that webpage ranked so you could get traffic.

  55. Hey Hamid,

    i have a website and i still haven’t applied for adsense, but im planing to do so in 2 weeks, so I read your post and all of the comments, and I noticed that you are putting a lot of emphasis on copied content.
    The topic of my website is healthy food and I am writing my own posts ( they are not copied at all) but all of the pictures are downloaded from internet because am not sure how otherwise can I have the pictures. I also wanted to ask you how can I know which video from youtube can be used in a post and which can’t ?

    • Hi Patrick,
      You are asking about Images from Google Images, some Bloggers say that you can download the images from internet, edit them and use them on your own blog and you are good to go, but some of Professionals say you should buy the license of particular image from their owners or at least take a written permission. Otherwise you can face problems which can cost you quite big amount of money.
      I say use images under Creative Commons license, which means you can use them commercially anywhere with no worries and best place to search for those kind of images is Flickr, at least it works for me.
      You asked about Youtube Videos, I’ll say the same thing about that, Don’t embed youtube videos in each post and be careful.
      Hope that helps.

  56. Hi bro, thanks for your help every time. Please what can I do regarding my CTR, it is low. Any advice will be appreciated.

    Kind regards

  57. havent got any mail from adsense. Applied long back. Added ad codes to my site, on 4th april, still no reply. What to do?

  58. Weldone bro.. I applied for adsense more than 6 times now and the reply I keep getting is that Site does not Comply with Google Policy.. Pls what am I not getting right. My blog url is scholars360.com

  59. Hi brother, how are you? Thanks for taking out time to answer people’s questions.
    Please, I have a question. My niche site is not displaying relevant ads. It’s a health blog and adsense ads on mobile phones and other irrelevant stuff all I get on it. Please what can I do about. I am frustrated right now. Please I need help. Thanks brother

    • Maybe its not showing niche related ads to YOU only, there could be many reasons, maybe its because of your browser’s cache, cookies or history that adsense’s system is showing you relevant ads to YOUR interests.
      have you checked it in incognito/private window mode?
      Maybe advertisers advertising on those keywords are NOT targeting your country, have to tried using through VPN?
      Maybe your Content is Thin. It could be anything I have mentioned, please double-check those issues, I am waiting for your response.

  60. Thank you very much brother. I have done as you advised. It’s showing now on the incognito. Please is there any way I can ensure my readers see relevant ads only and not irrelevant like I did?
    The site is http://www.migrainezone.info. Please is there any other thin you can advise to increase my CTR. Thanks a lot

  61. Thanx Hamid, Just followed your tips and got my adsense account approve only in 12 days. I already have an Adsense account but I thought to give a try on my EMD blog and got sucess, thanx a lot for this great share.

  62. Hi Hamid Roshaan,

    I read your artical it was good and help me to understand Google AdSense. I apply for AdSense 4 days ago and today i got reply

    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

    Copyrighted material
    & etc

    plz tell me what was worng?

    • The worst case scenario of their THIS reply can be, You have copied content (in ANY form, including images, videos, text) on your website from any other website. You should NOT have any duplicate content on your blog/website according to Google Adsense TOS

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