Who is a ProBlogger & What ProBlogging Stands for? – Short Post for Long Debate

Who is Real Problogger & What Does Problogging Really Means? I am Going to Cover all of This Problogger thingy in this Short Post. I have Been Hearing this Problogging stuff from the day I Joined Blogging World. What have been bragged about ProBlogging is that: “You Must Have Huge Traffic stats, Thousands of Readers and Social Shares on Your Blog and Your Blog should Become an Authority, that is only way You are a ProBlogger, If You got no Prominent Success in Blogging Whatsoever You are not a ProBlogger.”

Well I kinda Disagree with this Bragging and Authority Stuff, Let me Explain You what being a Problogger Really Stands for. the Word “Pro” is an Abbreviation used for term “Professional” while Defining the term “Problogging” lets Just Check out What the Term “Professional” Means:

  • A person who belongs to a profession.
  • A person who earns his living from a specified activity.
  • An expert.

Source: Wikitionary

I guess if You will search on any other Place or Dictionary You will find the same answer with Further Explanation, Let Me Explain it here a Bit Further. The term Professional Means: “A Person Expert in Some Specific Field, Working and Earning from that Field”. So According to this if Some Person is Earning Even a Single Penny from Blogging and He is Little bit Expert in Blogging then He is a ProBlogger, It has Nothing to do with Huge Traffic stats or a Big Email Subscription List & blah, blah, blah.

Who is a ProBlogger, Complete Answer

So Lets Say I am Earning $100 Per month and I know what I am doing and I am little bit Expert in it than I am a ProBlogger & Making Blogging Your Profession and Earning Money from it is Called Problogging.

These days Some So Called Gurus have made Problogging a Business to Brag about themselves and Spread Wrong Information on This Topic. Some So Called “Pro” Gurus have sugar-coated and Twisted this Topic Much into something which it is not.

So if You are even Earning $50 a Month from Blogging & Attained some kinda expertise in Blogging and someone says that You are not a Problogger, Don’t believe him.

And for My friends Who say I am not a ProBlogger, I want to say them one thing that I am Earning from Blogging and I Have attained some specific Expertise in Blogging so Basically I am a Problogger, If you call that Thing Self-Proclaimed then Yes! I am a Self-Proclaimed ProBlogger.

From Author:

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